Kerala a beautiful state of India known for its back waters, mountains, hamlets and powerful art forms. kerala’s culture comprises of Aryans and Dravidian culture. Above all, Kerala is a beautiful place for nature lover. people from different parts of country come to enjoy the scenic beauty of this state. There are some of the best tourist places in Kerala which attracts a million of people from different country. Some cities are famous for its cuisine and others are for culture, arts and nature. Even more, Kerala is probably the most favorite spot for all kind of tourists like honeymoon couples, bachelors, family persons and also for pilgrimage purpose.

Best tourist attraction in Kerala

Best tourist places in Kerala

  • Cochin – St. Francis Church, Shopping & Mattancherry Palace.
  • Munnar – Water fall & high Mountains (scenic beauty).
  • Thekkady – hills, Water and wildlife
  • Alleppey – Place for beautiful back water

1. Cochin – St. Francis Church, Shopping & Mattancherry Palace.

Cochin (Kochi) is one of the popular city of Kerala. Certainly, the city is having dense population, Cochin recognizes for its church, temple, lake and markets. It is one of the best tourist places in Kerala. St. Francis Church is the oldest European church built in 1503, present in Fort cochin. The church is the witness of European colonial struggle in Indian subcontinent. The body of Vasco Da Gama was buried in this church for first fourteen years, then it was shifted to Lisbon.

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Mattancherry Palace or Dutch Palace is the Portuguese palace . This place is included in tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace is a quadrangular structure built in Nalukettu style. One can easily find a small temple in courtyard of that palace which is dedicated to the goddess of Kochi Royal Family. Even more, their are two more temple built on both side of palace, one is of Lord Krishna and other of Lord Shiva.

Fort Kochi is located in Ernakulam district of Kochi and it is adjacent to Matancherry Palace. It can be reached through both roadways and waterways from Ernakulam district. The water bound region on one part of the fort make it look more beautiful and attractive.

Paradesi Synagogue ( Synagogue is a building in which Jews meet for relegious worship or instruction.) is located in Jew Town of old cochin . It also refers to Matancherry Synagogue or Cochin Jewish Synagogue. The term Pardeshi is a general Hindi term used by the Indians to denote Foreigners and the church was build by the Jews as a result it is known as Paradesi Synagogue. It is located adjacent to Matancherry Palace.

Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica is a church build by Portuguese, it is one of the heritage site of Kerala. The architecture of this church attracts a large number of tourists. The Basilica was spared by Dutch conquerors later Britishers demolished it and build a new church building known as Santa Cruz.

2. Munnar: Water fall & high Mountains (scenic beauty).

Munnar (Kashmir of South India) is one of the tourist places in Kerala which gets lot of attraction for its scenic beauty. It is a town with high range of Western Ghats mountains, the greenery of town can make any tourist fall for its scenic beauty. Munnar is located above the sea level. Most noteworthy, It is one of the best tourist places in Kerala for honeymoon couples and also for one who is a nature lover.

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Anamudi (Everest of South India / Elephant Mountain) is a highest Western Ghat mountain located in Munnar. The literal meaning of word Anamudi is ‘Elephant’s Forehead’ and the name Elephant Mountain is because of the mountain’s resemblance to Elephant’s Forehead. Most noteworthy, it is the home for Asian Elephants. A lot of Bamboo, Teak tree and black wood can be found on the peak of Anamudi.

Eravikulam National Park is located along the Western Ghats in the Idukki District of Munnar, Kerala. It is Keral’s first National Park. Most importantly, the park is home for Nilgiri Tahr (Goat like species endanger in India) and some other endanger species of bird and butterflies. Rajamalai is one of the tourist zone of this park, one can easily locate Tahr in this zone. Government does not allow any private vehicle in this zone, some mini buses operate in this area for tourist. One can take walk in the entire zone. The zone closes during February and March because of mating season. Lakkom Waterfall also starts from park and ends in Pamba river.

KDHP Tea Museum (Kannan Devan Hills Plantation Tea Museum) is in Munnar. The mountain has tea plantation on it as a result, Tata Group constructed the museum which increased the curiosity of the tourist about the plantation. One can take photographs in this museum. The museum consist of all the machinery involved in yhe processing of tea. The museum is around 4-5 Km from the Munnar town.

3. Thekkady – Hills, Water and Wildlife

Thekkady is located in Idukki district of Kerala and it is an important tourist attraction, most importantly Thekkady is full of scenic beauty. One can enjoy Boating, Trekking, River Rafting, Lifestyle and Wildlife in Thekkady. The town is totally located near Periyar National Park. It is consider as best tourist places in Kerala certainly for nature lover.

Periyar National Park, most importantly it is a habitat for Tiger and Elephant . Thekkady is in centre with a lot of lakes and lushgreen deciduous trees like teak, rosewood, sandalwood, etc on either sides of town. The park is located above Cardamom Hills and Pandalam Hills. The park is very rich in Fauna species, one can encounter different kind of Mammals, Amphibians, Fish, Reptiles and Birds.

Pattumalay means hills draped in silk. Most importantly, it is famous for tea plantation and tea factories. The major tourist attraction of Pattumalay is Velankanni Matha Church, the church is located on the top of a hill. Harrison Malayalam Ltd. owns a tea factory present on the hill top for the production of Orthodox tea.

4. Aleppey – Place for beautiful back water

Aleppey or Alappuza, it is the city in the South Indian State of Kerala bordering the Laccadive sea. It is famous for its houseboats, backwater, canals and greenery. In 2016 Centre of Science and Environment rated Aleppy as the cleanest town of India. One can enjoy boating and environment hence, the scenic beauty of Alappuza probably, make it as one of the best tourist tourist places in Kerala. Most noteworthy, it is a major attraction for honeymoon couples and one who loves nature.

Roman Catholic Diocese is the famous church of Aleppey located in Trivandrum. It lies along the arbian sea between the dioceses of Quilon and Cochin.

Mullakkal Temple or Mullakal Rajeshwari Temple is accessible for the devotees of every religion. It is a multi faith temple similarly like lotus temple of Delhi. Therefore, one can quietly sit and pray inside the temple. It was build in traditional architectural style and have beautiful garden and lakes on each sides of temple. Mullakkal Chirappu is a grand festival of this temple.

Alappuza Beach of Aleppy is one of the best tourist places in Kerala. A lot of events performed on this beach every year like sand art festival, boating, etc. The beach looks more beautiful during sunset, a lot of tourist gather to encounter the beauty of this beach during sunset. There is a lot of local shop present on  the road connecting the beach.

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